Bar/Singe Burners

Ribbon Pattern Bar Burners

The 3PATRB and 3PFDRB range of ribbon pattern bar burners are specially designed for direct fired applications where a uniform flame or heat source is required over a set width. Stainless steel ribbons are arranged to give the required heat output and flame pattern, and inserted into a pipe or Read more »

Ribbon Pattern Bar Burners2022-09-27T10:58:00+01:00

Ribbon Pattern High Output Burners/Flame Bars

The 3PFDRBH cast section or extruded ribbon burner is a forced draft system, specially designed for process applications where a high heat output is required with a totally uniform flame across the full burner width. This high output burner is ideally suited to impingement processes where rapid production speeds only Read more »

Ribbon Pattern High Output Burners/Flame Bars2022-10-04T09:17:52+01:00
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