Ribbon Pattern High Output Burners/Flame Bars

3PFDRBH cast iron ribbon pattern burners are a forced draft system, specially designed for process applications where a high heat output is required with a totally uniform flame across the full burner width.

High output ribbon pattern burners are ideally suited to impingement processes where rapid production speeds only allow a short contact time of the flame to the product.

Profiled stainless steel ribbons are arranged to give the required heat output and flame pattern and inserted into the cast or extruded sections.

High output blowers and air blast injectors are used to provide elevated pressure premix down through the burner sections producing a uniform supply to the ribbon.

Product Description

  • Cast iron or extruded construction for totally uniform flame
  • Fully adjustable flame output & pattern
  • High outputs available
  • High turndown
  • Modular construction allows any flame length required
  • Multiple width options
  • Natural gas, Propane or LPG Mix
  • Fully tested & pre-commissioned
  • Fully compliant with the latest regulations

Product Applications

  • High Speed Textile Singeing
  • Flame Laminating
  • Flame Impinging Applications
  • Surface Treatment