Our packaged low temperature hot water plants offer solutions for both process and commercial / industrial heating applications.

Built in house and fully test fired, our standard packages range from 500Kw to 2000Kw. Higher output & multiple boiler systems are also available on request.

The Incorporation of fully modulating high efficiency burners (up to 98%) inverter driven intelligent pumps and the use of multiple control modes, ensure all systems supplied can be fully optimised to any project requirement.

Low Loss header packages can also be included to maintain optimum hydraulic balance between primary and secondary circuits safeguarding from irregular flows and increasing the life of the boiler.


LPHW Package Boiler Plant.

LTHW Package Boiler Plant.


LPHW Package Low Loss Header Plant.

LTHW Package Low Loss Header Plant.


LTHW Package Boiler Plant 3D Layout.







LTHW Package Low Loss Header Plant 3D Layout.

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