Heat Exchangers

The 3PHE Range of heat exchangers are designed for thermal applications requiring clean process air that does not contain combustion products prone to damaging or contaminating the finished product. Many variants are available for each heater to suit every requirement, from specialist materials, to custom designed airways. Heat exchangers can Read more »

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Gas Fired Metallic Infrared Heat Systems

The 3PMFIR metallic gas fired infra-red emitters use an innovative metal fibre material either sintered or woven into textile like material. This allows any shape of emitter to be manufactured easily to suit our customers individual requirements, from level emitters to convex, concave or even cones and cylinders. Combustion takes Read more »

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Instrumentation & Controls

Proctor Process Plant has detailed knowledge and experience of a wide range of process instrumentation from controllers, profilers, recorders and data loggers to complex bespoke solutions. With our large range of stock and thorough understanding of a whole host of control solutions we can supply any quotation or technical assistance Read more »

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Miscellaneous Products/Services

Proctor Process Plant Ltd also design, develop and supply a wide variety of miscellaneous products and services including High Temperature Burners alongside: Oil Fired Burners Catalytic Systems Electrical Heating Solutions Gas Interlock Safety Systems Pressure Reducing and Metering Autoclave Gas Fired Heating Flame Treatment Ladle Pre Heating Gas Train Skids Read more »

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