The 3PTFB-L, M or H are a range of tube firing burners that have been developed to fire down immersion tubes, to provide an efficient and cost effective method of heating a variety of process liquids.

The simple design, combined with the use of either forced draft or induced draft systems allow any process requirement to be undertaken with proven control and reliability.

Heat requirements, together with heat exchanger design and supply, can also be supplied.

Product Description

  • Efficiencies in excess of 85%
  • Robust construction and reliability
  • Simple installation & maintenance
  • High heat release in small diameter tubes
  • Burner heads to suit any application
  • Heat capacities of 40kW to 1000kW
  • On/Off, High/low or modulating outputs
  • Natural Gas, LPG or LPG mix
  • Heat exchanger designs to suit every application

Product Applications

  • Surface Coating Pre-Treatment
  • Chemicals
  • Dip tanks
  • Heating of Most Aqueous Solutions
  • Carpet Pile Bursting
  • Anodising

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