Package Burners

The 3PXSA, 3PMAL and 3PMAR range of nozzle mix gas burners are industrial package burners specially designed to offer cost effective and efficient heating solutions to a huge range of thermo-processing industries.

The simple design combined with the use of the highest quality, proven out-sourced components, allow this range of industrial package burners to give complete reliability regardless of the process.

All P series burners come pre-assembled with burner head, combustion air fan, gas train, electrical control panel and all associated safety equipment pre-wired and fully tested, so little or no on-site commissioning is required.

Each burner can be individually tailored to suit any requirement from installation constraints, high chamber pressures, hazardous environments or specialist voltages and frequencies for the overseas market.

Product Description

  • Robust industrial design for total reliability
  • Ideal for direct firing or heat exchanger applications
  • Excess air or fully modulating with ratio or linkage available
  • Outputs range from 50 to 4000kW
  • Greater than 40 : 1 Turndown
  • On/Off, high low or modulating outputs
  • Natural Gas, Propane or LPG mix
  • Specialised overseas approvals, voltages and frequencies
  • Simple to install with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Fully tested & pre-commissioned