Mechanical Services

Ductwork & Ventilation

Design & installation of Industrial Ducting & Ventilation systems for applications including building air change, fume extraction and combustion air supply & exhaust. System components include bespoke stainless & mild steel sheet metal designs as well as spiral would duct and components.   Rotational Moulding 3 Point Exhaust System. Read more »

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Coded Welding & Fabrication

Our in house fabrication service offer coded welding services in the processes of Tig, Arc & Mig welding for both stainless & mild steel requirements. From standard system components such as pipework, pressure vessels & tanks through to bespoke design & manufacture solutions.

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Pipework Services

PPP offer industrial & commercial pipework services both locally & nationwide. Our services include the design, installation, testing & commissioning of gas distribution systems from smaller threaded steel through to larger welded systems. We also offer underground MDPE Electrofusion welding services. Other Pipework Services Include – Pipework Design. Natural Gas Read more »

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