We design and manufacture a complete range of process heating & cooling products, industrial burner and heater systems, employing direct, indirect, infra-red, pre-mix and tube firing technology, in addition to supplying associated controls, instrumentation and ancillary equipment.

Products in this section

  • Package Burners

    The 3PMAS range of nozzle mix gas burners are industrial package burners specially designed to offer cost effective efficient heating solutions for a huge range of thermo processing applications to suit all industries. The proven design combined with a state of the art control system and the use of only […]

  • Pre Mix

    The 3PPM Range of pre-mix burners and pre mix gas burner systems have been designed for direct or indirect fired space heating or process applications. The well-proven cost effective design guarantees complete reliability, simple installation and minimal maintenance requirements. All burners can mounted and pre-wired on a mounting plate or […]

  • Ribbon Pattern High Output Burners/Flame Bars

    The 3PFDRBH cast section or extruded ribbon burner is a forced draft system, specially designed for process applications where a high heat output is required with a totally uniform flame across the full burner width. This high output burner is ideally suited to impingement processes where rapid production speeds only […]

  • Ribbon Pattern Bar Burners

    The 3PATRB and 3PFDRB range of ribbon pattern bar burners are specially designed for direct fired applications where a uniform flame or heat source is required over a set width. Stainless steel ribbons are arranged to give the required heat output and flame pattern, and inserted into a pipe or […]

  • Heat Exchangers

    The 3PHE Range of heat exchangers are designed for thermal applications requiring clean process air that does not contain combustion products prone to damaging or contaminating the finished product. Many variants are available for each heater to suit every requirement, from specialist materials, to custom designed airways. Heat exchangers can […]

  • In-Duct Firing Burners

    The 3PDS and 3PRDS range of industrial nozzle mix gas burners are specially designed for direct fired, high air volume space heating or process applications. This well-proven and cost effective design guarantees total reliability, simple installation and minimal maintenance requirements. All burners can either be fully installed into a duct […]

  • Tube Firing Burners

    The 3PTFB-L, M or H are a range of tube firing burners that have been developed to fire down immersion tubes, to provide an efficient and cost effective method of heating a variety of process liquids. The simple design, combined with the use of either forced draft or induced draft […]

  • Gas Fired Metallic Infrared Heat Systems

    The 3PMFIR metallic gas fired infra-red emitters use an innovative metal fibre material either sintered or woven into textile like material. This allows any shape of emitter to be manufactured easily to suit our customers individual requirements, from level emitters to convex, concave or even cones and cylinders. Combustion takes […]

  • Gas Fired Ceramic Infrared Heat Systems

    The 3PIRB range of gas fired industrial ceramic infrared emitters are specially designed for industrial processes that require a uniform high intensity radiant heat source. The modular medium wave emitters can be arranged to offer any size of emitter area required. The simple heater design and the turret mixing system […]

  • Oven & Stentor Updates & Conversions

    With our oven and Stentor conversions, Proctor Process Plant can design and develop bespoke combustion and control systems to convert your existing ovens and stentors to ensure your total production requirements are met. Solutions can be supplied in kit form or with the help of our OEM partners be fully installed, […]

  • Process Hot Water

    Our packaged low temperature hot water plants offer solutions for both process and commercial / industrial heating applications. Built in house and fully test fired, our standard packages range from 500Kw to 2000Kw. Higher output & multiple boiler systems are also available on request. The Incorporation of fully modulating high […]

  • Thermal Fluid Heating Systems

    With our range of Thermal fluid heating systems, we can offer process heating systems up to +350°c using heat transfer mediums such as Thermal Fluids. Systems can be heated by gas, oil and multi fuel burners. We can also offer systems heated electrically. We offer complete system solutions from the design […]

  • Process Chilled Water

    Process Chilled Water with process cooling units & full systems from -40°c up to + 30°c. Whether a replacement package chiller unit is required or a new bespoke system, we offer solutions from the design stage through to installation and commissioning.

  • Instrumentation & Controls

    Proctor Process Plant has detailed knowledge and experience of a wide range of process instrumentation from controllers, profilers, recorders and data loggers to complex bespoke solutions. With our large range of stock and thorough understanding of a whole host of control solutions we can supply any quotation or technical assistance […]

  • Combustion Controls

    We don’t just stock a wide range of combustion controls, we are combustion consultants. We can help you find the right product to meet your requirements from our years of experience and vast knowledge base in all aspects of combustion control. Whether you need a regular maintenance program for your […]

  • Miscellaneous Products/Services

    Proctor Process Plant Ltd also design, develop and supply a wide variety of miscellaneous products and services including High Temperature Burners alongside: Oil Fired Burners Catalytic Systems Electrical Heating Solutions Gas Interlock Safety Systems Pressure Reducing and Metering Autoclave Gas Fired Heating Flame Treatment Ladle Pre Heating Gas Train Skids […]