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Control Systems Design, Build & Installation

We offer an in house service for a wide range of Electrical, Control & Instrumentation Systems including Combustion Control, Gas valve proving & Purge Monitoring, PLC Control, Motor Starter Controls and HMI Display Interfaces.

Metering, Monitoring & Reporting

Energy wastage does not just cost money, it also results in increased carbon emissions. While dependence on energy is unavoidable, effective energy management can result in savings on both counts. Accurately gathering and collating consumption data by metering energy use is a fundamental action for all organisations, regardless of size or expertise.

Building Energy Management Systems

Poor control of heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting is responsible for excessive energy consumption in many buildings. Having better control over working areas helps to produce a consistently comfortable environment for building occupants. As a solution partner of the Honeywell Centraline brand we can design, build and install bespoke energy management systems that can improve… Read more »