Industry Sector: WEB TREATMENT

The following page contains information on contracts related to the web treatment industry that we have recently undertaken with our OEM partners

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Oven Heating

Oven HeatingRequirement: The need for industrial direct fired combustion equipment

System was required to heat web drying ovens cost effectively and reliably. High turndowns and very accurate temperature control were needed to allow for different production requirements. PPP can provide a variety of solutions, whether it is the simple design of P Series XSA burner, or the efficient P Series MA burner either with CE accreditation or specialist American or Canadian approvals

For further information see Package Burners

Infrared Heating

IR Pre-gellingRequirement: A heat source to pre-dry the web prior to entering the thermosol oven

A compact design was needed with accurate temperature control which could apply heat accurately to both sides of the product. A hot flue system was developed with gas fired Infra Red heaters. Variable output heaters were used to give good stable temperature control to prevent over or under drying

For further information see Infrared Heat Systems

Drum Heating

Drum HeatingRequirement: A heat source to heat drying drums from the inside giving a very fast warming and cooling time and a very accurate temperature control

Ribbon Pattern Bar Burners were used to heat the drums by flame impingement. The heat up time was under 5 minutes and the temperature of the drum surface was within 2-3°C

For further information see Bar/Singe Burners

Local Steam Production

Local SteamRequirement: A cost effective method of producing and applying steam to set the dye on a web treatment plant

Steam is generated by a direct fired gas burner firing down a multi pass heat exchanger submerged in water. This simple cost effective method allows steam to be produced where required, efficiently and quickly

For further information see Tube Firing Systems

Product Singeing

Product SingeingRequirement: A simple, reliable and compact singe burner to accurately remove uneven fibres from the web during the treatment process

A simple atmospheric bar burner with inserta jets was developed with adjustable output, flame pattern and flame direction to ensure optimum singe performance

For further information see Bar/Singe Burners