Industry Sector: TEXTILES

This section contains information on contracts related to the textile industry that we have undertaken with our OEM partners

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Oven Heating

Oven HeatingRequirement: The need for industrial direct fired combustion equipment to heat the textile drying or thermal setting process ovens

The system incorporates highly efficient burners with total reliability, with high turndowns to allow for a wide range of required temperature settings

A wide range of industrial gas fired package burners and controls have been supplied to the textile industry either in the UK or to areas which require specialist approvals such as the United States and Canada

For further information see Package Burners

Infrared Pre-heating

IR Pre-heatingRequirement: Compact, cost effective heater system with the ability to cope with new production processes

Due to new specialist textiles and coatings, and the constant requirement to increase production speed, existing stentors and ovens are unable to reach the necessary temperatures or dwell times needed for these new processes. In some cases heavy weight textiles have to be sent through the oven twice to dry the fabric sufficiently

Compact cost effective gas fired heaters have been developed and installed at the oven inlet to emit high energy infrared heat directly onto the product prior to entering the oven. Results showed that in some cases production speed could be increased by as much as 20% and that heavier weight products could be dried in a single pass

For further information see Infrared Heat Systems

Infrared Pre-heating by Hot Flue System

Hot FlueRequirement: A gas fired hot flue system that could provide a high amount of controlled infrared radiation to both sides of a vertically moving product

On new large textile finishing machines pre-heating the product prior to entering the dryer is essential to reach the production speeds required

The resulting products of combustion rise upwards warming the products in addition to the radiated heat. The hot flue system provides a cost effective, efficient way of applying a large amount of heat to a product within a small area

Product Singeing

Product SingeingRequirement: A heat source with a variable flame output and flame pattern to singe uneven fibres from textile applications

A cast section burner was developed to provide a uniform flame across a wide product area. Specialist air and fuel mixing equipment were incorporated to allow the flame pattern and length to be altered to suit various product requirements

For further information see Bar/Singe Burners

Heating System Conversions: Famatex Stentor

Famatex ConversionRequirement: Direct fired system to emulate heating characteristics of existing Stentor

An existing 4 bay Famatex stentor was heated by 8 indirect fired light oil burners. Spares had become difficult and costly to obtain… furthermore the reliability of the burners had become a serious issue for many months and the temperatures in 2 of the 4 bays were up to 25°C below the required set points

A direct fired natural gas system was developed to mimic the heating characteristics of the Famatex stentor. The implemented system was totally reliable, considerably more efficient with very accurate temperature control. The production speed could also be increased as the required set points could all be met, especially in the first bay. New processes could also be undertaken which required higher process temperatures

Heating System Conversions: Babcock Artos

Babcock Artos ConversionRequirement: Multiple heat sources to convert an existing Artos oven from indirect steam heat exchangers to direct fired natural gas

A combustion system was developed using dual process burners and heater cans to distribute heat across the full diameter of the unique Babcock re-circulating fans

Start up and cool down times were greatly reduced, efficiency was doubled due to the removal of the steam boiler and all the associated costs. The process temperatures could be raised and the production speeds increased

Heating System Conversions: Aztec Thermosol Oven

Requirement: The update of an existing Aztec thermosol oven heating system. The system had become unreliable with temperatures across both circulating fans uneven by as much as 20°C

A twin burner heater system was developed which independently controlled the heat input to each circulating fan balancing the oven to within +/- 1°C

Bruckner, Krantz, Campen and many other oven manufacturers combustions systems have all been successfully modified, converted or upgraded