This section contains information on contracts related to the surface coatings industry that we have recently undertaken in conjunction with our OEM partners

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Pre TreatmentFor this project, tube firing burner systems and heat exchangers were used to heat pre-treatment tanks. The forced or induced burners used can efficiently heat the water-based chemicals in a short period of time and guarantee industrial reliability even in the harshest of operating environments

For further information see Tube Firing Systems

Drying/Stoving Ovens

Drying StovingRequirement: The need for industrial direct fired combustion equipment to heat Drying or Stoving ovens

Burners were developed to provide flexible temperature control, either on/off, or high/low for simple applications or fully modulating where temperature stability is critical. Well proven nozzle mix systems were utilised to ensure total reliability in harsh, highly contaminated working environments

For further information see Package Burners

Batch Ovens with Circulation

Batch with CirculationFor information see Package Burners

Batch Ovens without Circulation

Batch without CirculationRequirement: A cost effective system to heat new and existing Batch or Box ovens quickly, evenly and efficiently

Ribbon pattern bar burners were developed and installed along the full length of the oven internal. Heating by convection only allowed a variety of colours to be stoved in a single batch without the problem of cross colouration

Tests show that even without a re-circulating fan in the system, the temperature control and uniformity throughout the oven was comparable to that of a fanned system

For further information see Bar/Singe Burners

Pre-Heating & Stoving

IR Pre-heatRequirement: Specialist heat sources to pre-heat coated metal panels prior to entering the stoving oven in order to increase line speed and finish quality

Due to the space restrictions of the project, high intensity gas fired infrared heaters were selected and integrated into the existing oven structure. Due to cost effective requirement of the customer, atmospheric units were used, removing the need for costly forced draft equipment and controls

The result was an increase in the line speed and quality of the finish, even on the more demanding coatings like post forming powders

Infrared heat sources can also be used for final stoving, with the use of variable output gas fired emitters combined with accurate temperature control (using surface temperature monitoring). This results in the product being swiftly and efficiently stoved, without the need for bulky hot air oven systems

For further information see Infrared Heat Systems