Industry Sector: ROTARY MOULDING

This section contains information on contracts related to the rotary mouldings industry that we have undertaken in conjunction with our OEM partners

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Rotary Moulding Machines

Requirement: A combustion system that could be incorporated into the existing machine design, offering very quick warm up times and an even temperature across the full width of the internal airways

An induct system was designed and installed into existing ductwork. The simple well proven nozzle mix design would allow industrial reliability even with considerable fluctuations in the duct velocity

For further information see Induct Burners

Requirement: To design a system that could automate the ignition of multiple atmospheric burners on a Rock / Roll type moulding machine and provide flame supervision required by the HSE

Specialist bar burners were developed to ignite multiple burners simultaneously to reduce the cost of individual burner controls. Extensive testing was carried out to ensure reliable ignition and flame monitoring was possible even whilst the burner manifolds were rotating

For further information see Bar/Singe Burners