Industry Sector: FOOD INDUSTRY

This section contains information on contracts related to the food industry that we have recently undertaken in conjunction with our OEM partners

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Oven Heating

Oven HeatingRequirement: Burner systems that can provide a high level of efficiency and guarantee total reliability

Designed specifically for long production runs in the food industry and designed to comply with the latest self-checking systems for burner systems that run continuously for periods greater than 24hrs

P series MAL or MAR fully modulating burners have been developed which combine the simple reliable design of the P series burner with the additional features of fully modulating air and gas for increased efficiency. Temperature control of +/- 1°C is capable across the 40 : 1 turndown

For further information see Package Burners

Hot Plate Heating

Hot Plate HeatingRequirement: Multiple heat sources to heat plates on a crumpet/potato cake production line

The system required heat to be applied uniformly across the full width of the machine, be totally reliable and comply fully with all the latest flame failure requirements

Ribbon pattern bar burners were developed with individual flame failure and gas supply to allow individual control for each bar burner. The ribbon design gave a long stable uniform heat across the hot plate width. Non-contact optical temperature sensing was used to accurately read the individual plate temperatures for total control

For further information see Bar/Singe Burners

Toasting and Branding

Toasting & BrandingRequirement: A very high temperature heat source to toast crumpets on a continuous production line

As minimal heat contact time was available, and the product required different levels of shading depending on customers’ requirements, a gas fired infrared heater system was developed that could toast the product to the required shading within 3-5 seconds

Different shades can be obtained by varying the output from the heaters either automatically or manually. Product branding was also undertaken by the use of a metal plate and a gas fired infra-red heater which was lowered onto the product to create the required marking

For further information see Infrared Heat Systems


Requirement: Due to regulation and the increasing pressure from the HSE, a cost effective method of providing individual flame failure protection for the many bar burners on Baker Perkins (and similar design ovens) were required

A compact robust controller was sourced which could be mounted near to each burner and had integral burner control status indication. Existing ignition electrodes were used and either additional flame sensing electrodes were added or the box could be configured to ignite and sense from a single electrode

Fully approved safety shut off valves, isolating valves and flexible hoses were also sourced to provide a kit of parts which can easily be installed to existing equipment, keeping expenditure and production down time to a minimum