Industry Sector: CHEMICALS

This section contains information on contracts related to the chemicals industry we have undertaken in conjunction with our OEM partners

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Spray Dryers (Indirect)

Spray Dry IndirectRequirement: A heat source was required to dry powder used in the chemical industry using indirect non-contaminated air

A multi-pass high efficiency heat exchanger was developed to heat a high volume of ambient air to 300°C in one pass. The resultant hot clean air was ducted to the spray head on the Niro machine. With the use of high specification temperature controllers the temperature of the air at the spray head was always kept within +/- 1°C

For further information see Indirect Heating Systems

Spray Dryers (Direct)

Spray Dry DirectRequirement: A high output burner system

The burner was required to heat large volumes of air for spray drying applications where air contaminated with products of combustion does not affect the end product

Excess air in-duct burners were mounted inside the process air ductwork. The simple industrial design guaranteed the system was 100% reliable and proved a cost effective option to an indirect system

For further information see Induct Burners

Temperature Controls

Temperature ControlRequirement: Bespoke instrumentation and controls

Our customer develops specialist catalytic products in an existing rotary calciner, however the burners and temperature controls were unreliable and inaccurate

Proctor Process Plant designed and installed new burner controls and gas trains, together with controllers to create temperature zones along the drum allowing different temperatures in each of the zones. Optical sensors were used to read actual product temperature leaving the machine

For further information see Instrumentation