Industry Sector: CARPET BACKING

This section contains information on contracts related to the carpet backing industry that we have recently undertaken in conjunction with our OEM partners

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Conventional Oven Heating

Conventional OvenRequirement: Industrial direct fired combustion equipment to heat backing plant ovens. The system required efficient burners providing ultimate reliability and high turndowns to allow for pile up and pile down backing requirements

Proctor Process Plant Ltd have been supplying the UK’s leading carpet backing machinery manufacturers with industrial package burners and temperature controllers since 1984. Whether it is the simple design of P Series XSA burner, or the efficient P Series MAL or MAR burner, Proctor burners can be found on nearly every carpet backing plant in the UK and many plants across the world, including areas which require specialist approvals such as the United States and Canada

For further information see Package Burners

Pre-Coat & Secondary Heating

Pre CoatRequirement: Specialist combustion equipment used in conjunction with a new powder technology to back carpet without the use of conventional drying techniques

High output industrial gas ceramic infrared heaters were designed to deal with the considerable heat requirements. Specialist support frames were used to allow for uniformity across the full 4.0 and 5.0m product widths and fuel mixture ratio valves were used to allow each heater to have variable output capability. The use of process controllers and non-contact temperature sensors allowed very accurate and uniform product temperatures

For further information see Infrared Heat Systems

Foam Pre-gelling

Foam Pre-gellingRequirement: A highly controllable and intense heat source

The system was designed to pre-gel or pre-set foam backing, prior to entering the oven section of the backing plant, so that air flows from the heater chambers or wind boxes cannot disturb the surface of the foam

For further information see Infrared Heat Systems

Local Steam Production

Local SteamRequirement: A cost effective method of producing and applying steam to the carpet to burst the pile

A stainless steel steam vessel was designed and heated by a gas burner firing down a multi pass heat exchanger submerged in water. Simple safety features, accurate calculations of heat requirements and high efficiency heat exchangers allow the steam to be generated safely, quickly and cost effectively

For further information see Tube Firing Systems

Super-Dryer Heat Source

Requirement: A gas fired heat source which due to design constraints had to be installed inside the bottom chamber of the super-dryer oven

Special burner heads were developed and installed inside the oven to allow the heat to be directed exactly where the oven designs required. The temperature accuracy achieved was within +/- 1°C

Product Singeing

Product SingeingRequirement for a uniform flame with variable output and pattern to remove uneven fibres from carpet and textile applications

A cast section ribbon burner was developed to enable a totally straight and uniform flame across a wide product area. Very accurate air and fuel mixing equipment where incorporated to allow the length and type of flame to be altered to suit various types of product requirements

For further information see Bar/Singe Burners

Heating System Conversion

System ConversionRequirement: To replace unreliable bar burners on an Artos backing plant oven

Compact burners were developed in conjunction with profiled heater cans to provide reliable heat sources to both sides of every non standard Artos circulating fan over the full diameter, thus ensuring uniformity of heat entering the top and bottom wing boxes

For further information see Updates & Conversions