Industry Sector: AUTOMOTIVE

This section contains information on contracts related to the automotive industry that we have undertaken with our OEM partners

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Heat Exchangers

Heat ExchangerRequirement: Indirect fired heating system to improve the curing of Fibre Glass Car Bodies

Working in conjunction with the fibreglass supplier and utilising the very latest temperature profile controllers, the system was designed to provide a totally uniform airflow with a temperature accuracy of +/- 1°C across the full 24 to 48 hour recipe profile

For further information see Heat Exchangers


LaminatingRequirement: Heat source for use in the manufacture of laminated car interiors

Proctor Process Plant were commissioned to develop a bespoke gas fired, multi-row infra-red heating system for use in the manufacture of laminated car interiors. The system was required to accurately melt epoxy powder on a continuous production line, and was designed not only to ensure that the airflows did not disturb the powder, but also to avoid damage to the product substrate through excessive heat

For further information see Infrared Heat Systems

Temperature Reading & Control

Requirement: Accurate temperature control of existing combustion equipment for use on an automotive interior production line

The system incorporated non-contact temperature sensors supplied, together with ancillary equipment that would allow the sensors to be fitted in the optimum position, despite the ambient temperature exceeding 130°C. Upon installation the new system achieved a uniformity of +/- 2-3°C, and this resulted in increased production speeds together with a significant improvement in product quality

For further information see Instrumentation