Mechanical Services

We provide both in house & site based mechanical services throughout the UK and beyond to both commercial and industrial sectors from design through to installation.

Welding and fabrications are carried out to the highest standards and all engineers are certified to the relevant codes & standards.

Products in this section

  • Ductwork & Ventilation

    Design & installation of Industrial Ducting & Ventilation systems for applications including building air change, fume extraction and combustion air supply & exhaust. System components include bespoke stainless & mild steel sheet metal designs as well as spiral would duct and components.                

  • Pipework Services

    Pre-fabrication, welding and installation of Industrial Gas Pipework for various distribution services including hot & cold water systems, gas supply pipework and medical gas systems. All welded pipework is carried out by skilled engineers to the relevant codes of practice. Our engineers are also qualified to installed various other pipework systems including MDPE (underground gas… Read more »

  • Coded Welding & Fabrication

    Our in house fabrication service offer coded welding services in the processes of Tig, Arc & Mig welding for both stainless & mild steel requirements. From standard system components such as pipework, pressure vessels & tanks through to bespoke design & manufacture solutions.